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View our most frequently asked questions below


View our most frequently asked questions below


Q. Do you offer a free, no obligation quotation?

A. We are more than happy to visit your property at a time convenient for yourself and quote for the required works. If you don’t own the property and are looking for us to quote on work for a property you are looking at purchasing, this is chargeable with a fixed cost.

Q. What are the key factors to success in any construction or renovation?

A. The key factors for success are involving your contractor early for practical advice, agreeing on all cost aspects upfront, and having an open channel of communication with your construction team.

Q. How do I get the most from my construction project?

A. To get the most from your construction project you need to be clear on your intentions. If you know what you want, then your preferred contractor can deliver. It is difficult for a contractor to achieve high quality results if the parameters keep changing. Your chosen contractor can help you make these important upfront decisions by giving expert advice and realistic suggestions.

Q. What is ‘quality’ in construction?

A. Quality is more than using a licensed master builder and the right materials. Quality is the complete experience that you receive both during and after the project. Quality includes clear and timely Communication, Workmanship, Materials, Service and how we treat your space, and finally post completion and assistance in obtaining required paperwork. Quality is how do you feel after everything is completed.

Q. Can you source all required materials and project manage our required works?

A. The vast majority of our projects include us sourcing all materials, handling all personnel and ensuring the project is completed to the highest standard. This is inclusive in our service. Our experience has shown that customers who attempt to project manage multiple tradesman and sourcing materials themselves more often than not turns into a false economy with no savings and increased overall costs. You will have a much better experience contracting a company to complete your project from start to finish.

Q. What design & build services does Solent Interiors offer?

A. We help our clients from the earliest stages of planning through to final handover – we like to think of ourselves as being someone that can hold your hand throughout the process and ensure that your project is completed to the best possible standard.

Q. Do you work on day work rates?

A. Some projects lean more towards a day work rate, purely due to the type of work it is, this is usually items that are unspecified, or largely un-known how long tasks may take. This method could workout cheaper for the client.

Q. What does HVAC stand for?

A. HVAC stands for heating, ventilation and air conditioning. This is the technology of indoor environmental comfort and its goal is to provide thermal comfort and acceptable indoor air quality.

Q. How quickly can Solent Interiors get on site?

A. Solent Interiors can typically have contractors on site within 5 days. However, this is somewhat dependent on landlord/Building Control permissions or consent to proceed. Another key consideration is lead times for materials such as doors, flooring, glazed partitions and lighting. Office furniture can often be a challenge, with the majority of furniture being made to order and typically on 3-4 weeks lead times. However, Solent Interiors have partners who stock a basic range of materials and furniture to enable us to provide a very fast turnaround on smaller projects.

Q. What is my project timeline? How long should I expect my project to take?

A. The timeline for completion of your design & build project will vary depending on the scale and complexity of your building design and building construction needs. As your general contractor, we work with our clients through every step of their project to establish clear schedule expectations and a realistic timeline for completion.

Q. What is the difference between Cat A & Cat B office fit out?

A. As with any industry, the office fit out, refurbishment and relocation sector have its own selection of industry terminology that can be confusing to those not familiar with the project phases that take place.


Shell & Core Fit Out – The Shell & Core phase is the initial phase of any building fit out. It is a vital part of any project and covers the essential elements that must be in place prior to the bespoke requirements. The Shell & Core phase will apply to the basic structure of your building and usually encompasses most communal areas including stairwells, lifts, toilets, lobbies and receptions. Once this first phase is complete you will be left with a bare ‘shell’ that is prepared and ready for phase 2 to commence.


Category A Fit Out The Category A (Cat A) fit out is the second phase of your office refurbishment. It is important to remember that each and every project differs in size and requirements, therefore the Cat A elements may vary depending on the client’s wishes and any site or landlord restrictions. Generally, the Cat A phase is where the building structure itself starts to take shape in preparation for the final stages. It could involve items such as:

  • Raised floors
  • Suspended ceilings
  • Mechanical and electrical services including air conditioning and lighting
  • Health and safety features such as fire detection and protection
  • General decoration to the perimeter walls

All these vital tasks must be completed as planned before the more visible office fit out installation can take place.


Category B Fit Out – The Category B (Cat B) fit out is usually the most exciting part for our clients. This is where you can clearly see your vision become reality as your new working environment is created. Again, each and every project is different, and we tailor our services accordingly, but the final Cat B phase will usually include the installation of:

  • Reception areas
  • Cellular offices
  • Meeting and conference rooms
  • Communication rooms
  • Refreshment and break out areas
  • Partitions and doors
  • Floor finishes
  • Electrical elements including power and data, specialist lighting and AV equipment
  • Furniture
  • Branding and graphics

Once this final phase is complete there can be some post project tasks to consider such as snagging and maintenance, but at this point you should be enjoying the many benefits of your newly refurbished working area.

To find out more about how we can alleviate much of the stress and inconvenience often associated with major projects of this kind, contact us today!

Q. How much will my office fit out cost?

A. In our experience, office fit out costs vary widely from business to business and factors such as design scope, size, complexity, specification all has a significant impact in deciding the project budget.  For example, we have completed projects ranging from £30 per square foot (£320 per square metre) up to £80 per square foot (£855 per square metre). As a general guideline, we normally recommend budgeting a year’s rent towards an office fit out project. We will guide you step by step through initial budget costings, from the initial design right up until the point where you have a firm fixed cost that we sign off against a fixed design and specification.

We provide all our clients with a fixed cost to maintain cost clarity throughout the project. Control is maintained throughout the build stages with any variations to the specification or design costed and approved by you prior to implementation.

Q. Our offices need a gentle refurbishment, carpeting and some door maintenance, do you do this?

A. We have a large client base, to which we have provided many refurbishments and fit out works. offices, schools, banks, restaurants, shops and many more.


Office Address:
Solent Interiors Ltd, Office 14, One Port Way, Port Solent, Portsmouth, PO6 4TY


Office Address:
Solent Interiors Ltd, Office 14, One Port Way, Port Solent, Portsmouth, PO6 4TY